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Bus Riders Agreement - PreK

The Cardinal Way is our school wide expectations for behavior. As bus riders we expect the students to show CHARACTER by representing our school well in words and deeds; to show ACCOUNTABILITY by leaving the vehicles clean & tidy and by following safety procedures; to show RIGOR by being considerate of the driver and other passengers.

Directions for Parents and Students 

Please read and review the Bus Riders agreement with your child, then sign and submit.

General Information 

Bus drivers, students, parents, teachers, and school administrators share the responsibility for bus safety, following all bus rules, and behaving is a responsible manner. Riding the school bus is a privilege. If you behave appropriately, you will be allowed to ride the bus. Students who do not adhere to the rules will receive a bus conduct report and appropriate consequences will be administered.

Student's Agreement:

• I will stay seated until I arrive to my final destination.

• I will talk in a soft quiet voice.

• I will obey my bus driver and follow the rules.

• I will keep the bus free from litter.

• I will keep my hands and feet to myself.

• I will respect other passengers and use kind words at all times.

If I choose not to follow this contract and the bus rules in the student handbook (and printed at the bottom of this form), my parents/guardian will be notified and the following consequences may occur:

• Verbal warning

• Assigned seating

• Detention

• Suspension from bus

If you will be needing bus service, complete the following. There will be a $25 per month charge for the Pre-K bus service. Bus charges are eligible for a free or reduced status.

3-year-old to be transported FROM school:

4-year-old to be transported TO school:

Please sign below to indicate that you have discussed, understand, and agree to the above statements. Thank you.

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