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South Haven’s National Honors Society has opened the doors for new members to come in. The NHS’s Induction Ceremony, held on the evening of September 21st, introduced the new members to NHS. Jacee Theuer, a new member of NHS, says “NHS was created to honor the students who dedicated their time and effort to their academics. The select students portrayed traits such as good character, honorary scholar, a need to serve, and being a leader.” Cole Theurer and Callie Locke have also joined NHS. To join NHS, You have to have a GPA of 3.5 after three semesters of coursework. Then, after you file the application for recruitment, you will be evaluated by a group of school staff members. “To find more information about NHS, ask a member or a sponsor of the National Honor Society,” Jacee said. - by Gabriel Moncivais 


The National Honor Society is an honorary organization for senior high students who are outstanding in scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Students who have a 3.5 cumulative grade point average after three semesters of course work are eligible to apply for membership (not to exceed four modified classes on a transcript). Eligible students will be notified and given applications for membership. After submitting a letter for the secondary faculty to review, a faculty council will grant acceptance based on the students performance in the four areas. Students who do not apply will not be considered. Any student receiving three negative responses from faculty members will not be granted membership but will be able to apply again if the cumulative G.P.A. warrants eligibility.

Four main purposes have guided chapters of NHS from the beginning: "To create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of secondary schools." (from the NHS Constitution) These purposes also translate into the criteria used for membership selection in each local chapter. Sponsors for this club are Mrs.Twaila Wiley and Mrs. Arlene Wilson.


I pledge to maintain high scholastic standing, to hold as fundamentally and worthy an untarnished character, to endeavor intelligently and courageously to be a leader, and to give of myself freely in service for others. In so doing, I shall prove myself worthy of a place in the National Honor Society.


President -  Jacee Theurer

Vice-President - Rahlee Colwell

Secretary - Maddie Minor

Treasurer - Grayson Kuchar


Mrs. Twaila Wiley

Mrs. Arlene Wilson