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South Haven High School Math Team Takes 2nd at Caldwell Math Relays

South Haven took a 15 member team to the Caldwell High School Math Relays on Tuesday, November 7, and brought home the 2nd place team plaque. Every one of the 15 team members earned points for the team by placing in the top five on at least one test! Some of our team even tested up a grade in order to fill an open spot. The group brought home 24 individual medals. Congratulations to the team for your great finish. We are proud of you!

Here are the placings from the contest:

9th Grade Results:

Maddy Ferguson – Graphing 9, 5th place; Equations/Inequalities 9, 5th place

Piper Dodds – Polynomial Factoring 9, 1st place; Laws of Exponents 9, 2nd place

Avery Strickland – Polynomial Factoring 9, 2nd place

Witney Goebel – Polynomial Operations 9, 2nd place; Number Sense 9, 1st place; Equations/Inequalities 10, 4th place

Madyson Stafford – Laws of Exponents 9, 5th place; Word Problems 9, 2nd place

Avalin Hughes – Word Problems 9, 3rd place; Calculator Computations 9, 2nd place; Area/Perimeter/Volume 9, 1st place

Algebra I Team (Avery Strickland, Michelle Tevington, Witney Goebel) – 3rd place

10th Grade Results:

Kelly Theurer – Calculator Computations 10, 2nd place; Number Sense 11, 4th place

Arallai Wartick – Equations/Inequalities 10, 5th place; Word Problems 10, 5th place; Systems of Equations 10, 2nd place;

Tennyson Dark – Word Problems 10, 2nd place

Addison Heater – Calculator Computations 10, 4th place

Geometry Team ( Tennyson Dark, Addison Heater, Kelly Theurer) – 1st Place

11th Grade Results:

Grayson Kuchar – Geometry 11, 2nd place; Calculator Computations 11, 3rd place; Word Problems 11, 3rd place

Rahlee Colwell – Rational/Irrational Numbers 11, 5th place; Word Problems 11, 1st place; Equations/Inequalities 11, 4th place

Algebra II Team (Arallai Wartick, Rahlee Colwell, Tennyson Dark) – 4th place

12th Grade Results:

Jacee Theurer – Graphing & Functions 12, 4th place; Equations/Inequalities 12, 3rd place

Senior Team (Jacee Theurer, Cole Theurer, Grayson Kuchar) – 4th place




November - 
October - Logan Kuchar, Tennyson Dark
September - LJ Cullens, Callie Locke