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From the JH/HS Principal's Desk



Callie Locke is the South Haven High School Student of the Month for September. Locke is a senior this year, plays volleyball with the Varsity Lady Cardinals, and cheers for the South Sumner Outlaws Cheer Team. Zane Aguilar, the principal of USD 509, says Locke is actively involved in the school and leads by example, which are two reasons she is receiving this honor. He also says Locke is extremely active in the school, participating in several organizations and athletics, she works hard in class, and does a good job leading. Locke believes she earned Student of the Month due to her positive attitude.


Locke says that others can earn this honor of Student of the Month by being nice to others and being a leader. This is a thought shared by Aguilar, who says “someone that people can look up to, do the right thing, communicate, continue to stay actively involved, and maintain good grades” can earn Student of the Month. He says “the biggest thing is networking, communicating with people, and being involved with new things and new people,” are important considerations for Student of the Month, all things Locke has demonstrated this year.


Locke is enjoying this school year and the memories she is still making. When asked what her favorite thing about South Haven, Locke said, “probably my class. I really like my class. They’re really cool and they make my days fun.” - by Gracie Giger


LJ Cullens is the SHJH September Student of the Month.


Students may bring an empty bottle, empty tumbler, or empty travel mug to school, then fill the bottle, tumbler or mug AFTER arriving at school.  Drinks opened before entering the building are not allowed in school.


Which materials are required for JH/HS classes?   The following is a list of required items:

Text book
Library book (to read after classwork is done)
Calculator (math classes)
Paper or Notebook
Pencil or Pen
Technology (chromebook/laptop/ipad or equivalent)
Eraser (art class)
Students should have these items in class in order not to be counted as "Tardy - missing materials".   Teachers will address missing homework and / or assignments directly with the student as per their classroom policies.