He told the students a personal story on the impact suicide has had on his family, and  the importance of being encouraging toward others because “there is somebody that needs someone like you”. Al's son Tad committed suicide in his early 30's fourteen years ago.
Losing a young man like his son Tad, a Caldwell farm boy who gave his all to make the lives of others happy, who represented the best in his family and town and touched so many lives is still hard to accept.

A moment in his troubled mind caused him to end his life. He never knew how his talents and love for others would have helped so many. His career as a physical therapist, future husband and father, and constant friend was gone in that instant.

Al told the students that taking one's life is not the answer and never will be. He stressed that we all need to listen to each other and offer encouragement. There is someone that needs someone like you.