Josie is Little Miss Wheelchair Kansas 2024

Josie is an 11-year-old fifth grader at South Haven, and is from from Geuda Springs. Josie has had spina bifida since birth and, despite the challenges she faces navigating life in a wheelchair, Josie is resilient, determined, and has a radiant spirit that inspires everyone around her. Josie not only embodies the qualities of grace and charm, but also serves as a beacon of hope for others facing similar challenges.
She is an advocate for inclusivity and can spread joy with her infectious smile. Josie is an athlete with Wichita Adaptive Sports, makes cards to send to people in need through Operation Gratitude, and collects pop tabs to donate to Ronald McDonald charities. Josie is described as positive, spiritual, compassionate, determined, and strong.
Congratulations to Josie! We know that you are going to have an amazing year of educating and empowering the next generation!