SCBL HS League Math Contest Results

         The high school math relay team attended the SCBL league contest held in Udall on Tuesday, March 27 and finished third overall in the competition.  Seventeen students participated in the event, and every one of them scored points for the team!  Medals were awarded to the top three finishers, and points were awarded to the top five finishers. Seven league schools (Argonia, Caldwell, South Haven, Flinthills, Sedan, West Elk, and host Udall) had students who competed in the event.  West Elk placed first, and Flinthills finished in second place.

            Students were permitted to take a maximum of four tests and could test at a high grade level than their current grade in school.  Students placing in the top ten were as follows:

            FRESHMEN:  Michelle Tevington – 5th in graphing 9, 8th in polynomial factoring 9 and polynomial operations 9

                        Avery Strickland – 6th in polynomial operations 9; 6th in number sense 10

                        Avalin Hughes – 3rd in laws of exponents 9, 5th in equations/inequalities 9, 5th in number sense 9

                        Maddy Ferguson – 5th in word problems 9, 4th in equations/inequalities 9, 2nd in area, perimeter, volume 9

                        Witney Goebel – 3rd in number sense 9; 8th in geometry 10, 7th in polynomials 10


            SOPHOMORES:  Arallai Wartick – 2nd in polynomials 10; 1st in graphing 10; 10th in systems of equations 10

                        Danica Browning – 8th in 4equations/inequalities 10; 3rd in rational/irrational 10; 7th in graphing/functions 11

                        Gabriel Moncivais – 4th in rational/irrational 10; 5th in calculator computations 10; 6th in geometry 12

                        Addison Heater – 4th in word problems 10; 3rd in calculator computations 10; 3rd in geometry 12

                        Tennyson Dark – 5th in word problems 10; 4th in geometry 11

                        Elle Overfelt – 9th in graphing 10; 5th in number sense 12

                        Kelly Theurer – 8th in systems of equations 10; 5th in number sense 10; 6th in graphing/functions 11; 6th in calculator computations 12


            JUNIORS:  Grayson Kuchar – 2nd in geometry 11; 3rd in calculator computations 11; 6th in word problems 11

                        Rahlee Colwell – 3rd in equations/inequalities 11 and rational/irrational 11; 4th in word problems 11

                        Colby Irey – 5th in calculator computatios11; 6th in equations/inequalities 11; 5th in probability & statistics 11; 7th in number sense 11


            SENIORS:  Alivia Bacon – 7th in potpourri 12; 4th in word problems 12

                        Jacee Theurer – 1st in equations/inequalities 12; 3rd in graphing/functions 12; 4th in number sense 12


            TEAM TESTS:

                        Algebra I team (Avery Strickland, Maddy Ferguson, Avalin Hughes)  placed 2nd.

                        Geometry team ( Michelle Tevinton, Witney Goebel, Avery Strickland) placed 3rd.

                        Algebra Ii team (Rahlee Colwell, Tennyson Dark, Elle Overfelt)

Placed 5th

                        Senior team ( Jacee Theurer, Alivia Bacon, Grayson Kuchar)

Placed 4th